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Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a method by which couples and families involved in a family law dispute can resolve their differences without setting foot in a courtroom. By choosing a collaborative approach, you can engage in a process designed to promote settlement and reduce conflict. Litigation is expensive, both financially and emotionally, and the outcome of trial is always unknown. If you want to retain control of decisions on the long-term restructuring of your family’s emotional and financial future, the collaborative approach could be for you.

Collaborative Law is designed to balance power between divorcing spouses and protect the rights of each individual. The parties, along with their attorneys and other consultants (if needed), function as a settlement team whose goal is to find solutions that are acceptable to everyone. A collaborative case is generally less expensive, quicker, more private, and often achieves more desirable results than traditional divorce litigation.

Our attorneys are trained and certified in collaborative law, and are founding members of the Capital Collaborative Group in Tallahassee, Florida.