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As we head into the Spring Break for Tallahassee and Leon County, we acknowledge that the COVID-19 health crisis is escalating, and we are monitoring the situation closely and will communicate any changes to our office availability or the courts in a timely manner.

Following the guidelines and advice of the Governor and the Florida Supreme Court, our office has begun taking steps to lessen the impact of the virus by using measures like social distancing, sanitary precautions, and conducting business using technology.  Please call if you need to arrange for any currently scheduled conference by phone or video.

Following the guidance of the Center for Disease Control, we have ensured that none of our staff will be traveling internationally or cruising over Spring Break. Similarly, we are asking any visitors to our office to share travel plans and commit to 14 days of self-quarantine before meeting with us in person if your Spring Break travel is international or a cruise.

Remember to practice healthy habits which include:
1. Regular hand washing;
2. Respiratory etiquette (cover coughs and sneezes);
3. Avoid greetings that involve touching hands; and
4. Stay home if you are sick.

Our best,
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